Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Before and After Thanksgiving

We had a great time over the Thanksgiving holiday. E had a lot of visitors. Ant Hil, Uncle D, Aunt M and Uncle M, Cousins A and V, and who could forget Uncle C? It was so fun watching E come out of her shell and interact so seamlessly with our families and friends. It was pretty shocking for K and I to watch our typically reserved child run across the living room into Ant Hil's arms after only having met her a handful of times. Maybe technology and FaceTime reduce the distance between distant family members and friends. E has already told us that she wants to see Steve and tell him she loves him- through the phone!

Couple of pics from the holiday.

Hiking on Emerald Mountain

Hanging out in Ant Hil's bed

Giving Uncle D a Squeeze

With Baby Sister, "Luv U"
All ready for the day

Bird on Left to be deep fried, Bird on right dry cured for 3 days and the roasted for  1.25 hours

Little a

Favorite day of the week? Sunday. Why? Donuts with Dad!

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