Monday, May 16, 2011

Dad's Weekend

K was at a Bachelorette party this weekend, so I was babysitting (ie. parenting all by myself) from Friday to Sunday afternoon. Took a couple of videos and fotos that I thought warranted a post after hearing K laugh while she was looking at them.

Her top front teeth are trying to make an appearance, so lately, E's been making this face. I think she's trying to suck on her own upper gum, but it's pretty damned funny.

Here's what happens when I am doing something in the kitchen. I was able to grab the camera in order to catch the end of an unplanned handstand. She loves climbing, but doesn't always come down (land) gracefully.

On Saturday, I made some pretzel rolls. Was joining some peeps for a cookout and made these rolls for burgers and a couple of brats too. Got the idea from the Countryhouse, back in Chicagoan Suburbia. Boy were they good. Never tried a burger on them, but the brat roll was perfect. Slightly crunchy, soft and chewy. The rolls worked perfectly with the sausage and the mustard- which is a must. Easy recipe, and I liked that it only took about 1 hour for the finished product. "If you like burgers, give it a try sometime."- Pulp Fiction

On Friday night, I took a Yampa Valley Beef ribeye out of its package and set it on a cooling rack in the fridge over a sheet pan. After 2 days of drying out, it looked a little pathetic, but I was excited to cook it. I've read that drying a steak out helps it form a crust because moisture comes out of the meat which allows it to sear well instead of the moisture "boiling/ or steaming". It paid off. The crust was great, the s and p stuck well to the meat, and the inside was a consistent pink. Delicious.

In case you were wondering. My meal plan looks a little different when K is out of town. I go to the store specifically to find things I typically don't eat when she's around. I just haven't yet been able to get her to see the pleasure in the snap of the bratwurst or the feel of a good rare-ish steak.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ant Hill's Request

Got a text from Ant Hill. She asked if E was crawling yet. When I responded that "yes she crawls, but a little armyish", and thought that she'd be walking within the next few weeks, she asked me to send some video. I guess it's been a while, but here she is. Quality is no good, light is no good, but it gives an idea about where E is at, physically.

Standing On Her Own (with a little help from the sofa)

First time using her wooden, block holding, lawnmower type, walker.

Poor dancing performance, but pretty fun. She's a bit of a camera ho. Before I started taping, she was hanging out by herself in the same position, bobbing up and down like she was dipping. I was in the kitchen drinking some coffee. She instantly stopped dancing when she heard the camera turn on.

Restless. A trained eye might detect that E has a slight issue with distractability. Might be another wonderful trait inherited from Dad.

[Could't get this vid to load. Will try again later]

A few weeks ago, I put her in the grass for the first time and she freaked out- not in a good way. Since then, I've noticed that when she moves from one surface to another, she has to take the new one in before crossing it. I think I'll bring E to the park today and do a little grass training with her. I guess if her fear of grass stays with her, I won't have to deal with the lawn this year and we can just keep the yard a nice, somewhat rocky, dirt area!