Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Never Trust What a 2 Year Old Tells You

Yesterday afternoon, while I was driving E home, she told me she had a blueberry up her nose. I asked if she had blueberries for lunch and she said, "no". I asked if they had blueberries for a snack, and she said, "no". At a stop light, just to be cautious, I looked up her nose and saw nothing but a couple crusty ones. Since she has had a pretty runny/stuffy nose for the past few days, I figured it was just M at daycare playing around with a stuffy nose- "What, you got a blueberry up there?"

At home, she mentioned it a few more times to me and to K, we both looked and made a big deal of it. It has been fun watching E start playing games with us and creating make believe. In the bath, she mentioned it again and we all laughed. Before bed, she wanted to spray some saline up there (she is into the saline if she can do it herself). When she finished, I used the suction to clean things up and did pretty well. Slept great last night for the first time since company left and was in great spirits when she woke up.

Another good day at day care today. Kids counted to 100 and are working on the letter K. Since there are kids older than E at daycare, she gets to tag along while the other kids are studying and doing "homework". They went to the library for story time and got stamps on their hands.

Dawa, the Sherpa woman, is coming over tomorrow to watch Little a, so I was getting things ready while K was giving E a bath. I heard K say, you gotta come see this. E was happily playing in the bath, after she had EJECTED a styrofoamy blue berry out of her nose!

Bit larger than a pea, blue berry
It had been up there all day yesterday and most of today before she was able to get it out! E had blown her nose a bunch of times, been suctioned with a bell sucker and a nose frita numerous time, and had been sprayed with saline several times and we had no idea it was actually up there! 

Who would have guessed? The human body is quite a hiding place! Wow.

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  1. Didn't realize you were posting again. I am so happy to see it! xo, Ant Hil.